Examples of my work in eLearning

Moodle, MOOCs or gamified learning stacks - anything goes!

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Crash-Course "Web 2.0 Tools for Learning & Working in Teams"

Public and free online course for teachers, students and collaborators (German).


This is an example for the free learning editor GoConqr. I can train your staff to easily create microlearning lessons that are engaging and effective. 


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Web-based training for medical personnel in mobile service.



Instructional Design of the WBT on basic anatomy for clinical personnel.  With interactive videos and a playful approach.

Live online training in immersive VLE 


Live online training in 3D for medical personnel.​

Live demo or video on request, just contact me at gaby@slezak.biz


Moodle goes Gamification. Really? Moodle?

Modern Moodle offers more than you might think.


Request a demo of the Moodle course "The Inner Team"